Alrena Rouche (1947 - around 1962) was the daughter of rich couple Mille & Mary Rouche .


Alrena's mother.


Alrena was born in 1947, severely disabled . Her parents couldn't handle the thought of bringing up a disabled child. Some time later, Mary & Mille, out of pity, poisoned their daughter and put Alrena's body into The House Safe and locked it with the code as Alrena's birth year "1947". In 1964-1965, she started haunting her parents in revenge for killing her. She was not always vengeful towards her entire family. On December 24, 1963, the Rouches adopted a girl named Nicole A. Matty , and she was always watched closely by Alrena. Although she was angry at her parents for "replacing" her, Alrena made friends with Nicole. The two of them would always talk to each other and play games. Hide and seek was their favorite. Even the house maid began to see and hear things such as footsteps, a girl crying or laughing, or even Nicole talking to someone even though no one was there. But someone does talk back. Eventually, the Rouches went mad from the nightmares and guilt and they killed the maid, Nicole and eventually, themselves. All this did was trap themselves in the now haunted house with Alrena, never being able to find peace. Until you come in and open the safe...  


Alrena is the ghost that appears at the end of The House 2.

Alrena has a fake Facebook profile, which ends with a screamer just like the other games in the House series.