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Nicole A. Matty

Date of birth:

Unknown (adopted December 24, 1963)



First seen in:

1st room "The Living Room"

Nicole A. Matty is a fictional character from the flash game,The House 2. She's the adopted daughter of Mary Rouche and Mille G. Rouche.


The House 2 - Nicole A. Matty

Certificate Of Adoption

After they killed of Alrena Rouche , the married couple, Mary and Mille G. Rouche, decided to leave their dead daughter behind and adopt a new one called Nicole A. Matty on December 24th, 1963. After she was adopted, Nicole began to hear noises and see the previous daughter of her parents, Alrena. She used to talk and play games with Alrena, especially hide and seek, as implied with the notes she left for the player in her Bedroom. Her death however, is unknown.

  • Nicole in the family picture
  • Nicole A. Matty as a ghost, in The Bedroom. Good lord!
  • Nicole's certificate of adoption

In the game, Nicole appears in the photo in the Living Room with her parents and in the adoption certificate in her Bedroom. Her ghost only appears in her Bedroom and appears several times. She leaves notes about her friend Alrena (Mille and Mary's real daughter).The notes say that Alrena comes every night and that she loves playing hide and seek and that she is good at the hiding when they play hide and seek.


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