Dining Room

The Dining Room is the first room in The House.

At first, only the family picture is clickable; this must be examined three times as it will cause a basketball to fall. Clicking on the basketball will show a shadow of a boy running quickly. Clicking it again after the shadow disappears will cause the laugh of the boy to be heard.

Clicking the family picture again will cause it to shake slightly, followed by it breaking. The breakage will circle the boy in the picture.

Clicking the basketball again will cause it to burst, and then clicking on the family picture causes the boy's decapitated head to fall down, ending the events of this room.


Sound EffectsEdit

Ambiance for this room


Examining the family picture


Putting down the family picture

Put Down

Basketball hitting the ground

Basketball Land

Basketball being clicked on (1st variant)

Boy's Laugh

Basketball being clicked on (2nd variant)


Boy appearing at the window

Creepy Prescence



Family picture about to be broken by a ghostly force


Family picture upon breakage

Glass Break

Basketball exploding

Basketball Explodes

Boy's head falling

Loud Bang

"Go to the next room" hovered

Next Room Mouseover

"Go to the next room" click

Next Room Clicked