The house is the first flash game of Sinthai Studio and is the first game of the series. Although, it's plot is different from The House 2. It's one of the greatest horror flash games and has some of most detailed graphics of it's time.
The house pic

Game PlotEdit

The player enters and investigates an old derelict house. Examining it's rooms, one at a time

The first room is the Dining Room, which only has a small picture on the wall is enabled for the player to examine. The picture has a family of 4 in it; a mother, a father, a daughter and a son. However, only the father has a happy expression while the other members don't have any facial emotions. The reason for this is unknown. After a while, a ball falls from nowhere. Examining it, a little kid's laugh can be heard. A boy's shadow then runs nearby, presumably one of the kids in the picture. Then the family photo frame cracks, leaving a crack circled around the boy's head (as if he were someone's next victim). Then the player's heartbeat can be heard. After hearing the heartbeats, a headless boy is seen, sitting in the opened window. Then the ball suddenly pops leaving some blood, leaving the player mildly terrified by the boy's fallen head.

The player then proceeds to The Bathroom, which has a can of poison, a note on the mirror and the toilet flush enabled for the player to examine. The note reads;

"Happy birthday mom! I know you are suffering from an illness. But we're sure you will be fine soon. Love you.", which is probably written by one of the kids. The note then changes, which then reads;

"I love you too kids! I will not leave you. I promise, I promise." probably written by the mother in reply to her kids.

After that, a spine-chilling sound can be heard after flushing the toilet. The player then goes to examine the note again but the bathtub fills with blood. After flushing the toilet once more, the toilet fills with blood and overflows. The note is blank this time. After clicking on the poison, a woman's head is visible with her shadow cast on the window. She then slaps you with a bloody hand.

The next room is called The Kitchen, where a ragdoll, a timetable (with a day marked as "Cancer Treatment) is enabled in the beginning. After a while, a woman peeping behind the door can be seen. A shadow then appears on the wall, creating the infamous heartbeats. Then a school identification card falls down from the ceiling, which gives information about a girl called "Maria S. Julie" who attends to the St. Martin Scotte School, her I.D. code, her signature, and her picture. Then the card falls down before a girl with her face invisible, who seems to have committed suicide.
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i'll found this picture of thehouse

The next room is called The Living Room, which only a radio and a portrait of a man is enabled, the father. The radio works after a while but broken. Then the portrait's eyes move slightly then returns to normal. After clicking on the radio, the infamous theme of The House series can once again be heard. The portrait then begins to fall, revealing a note with a gun in a hole on the wall. The note reads; "Sorry and goodbye honey! I am so happy to be your wife. I will always love you." Then a ghost of a man in white is seen sprinting in front of the player. The man's eyes move once again but then fill with a black liquid. Then they leak, covering the mouth also. After clicking on it once again, the portrait is shot suddenly.

The last room is called The Corridor, which only a light switch and a note is enabled. The note reads;" I'm sorry to God for what I have done. I love my family, so I kill my family. It's the only thing I can do to stay together with them FOREVER!". A woman's shadow creeps by the wall afterwards. After clicking on the note once again, the switch leaks black liquid and eventually, breaks. Leaving the player in the darkness after blood drips on the note, revealing a woman coming towards the player. The light finally returns and the player finds the woman right in front of him. The woman then sudenly screams, her face and eyes covered with blood.


Most of the backstory of the events that happened in the game is unknown, since the names and backstories of characters aren't revealed as they were in the second game. But it is known that a woman with cancer, killed her family in order to "be with them forever", and her ghost haunts the house, scaring and eventually killing the
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the family's

intruders. The only name given in the game is "Maria S. Julie", which means that the family name is "Julie".


1. By the look of the headless boy back at the Dining Room, he was possibly decapitated at the same room.

2. A girl's hanging corpse can be seen at the Kitchen before you move to the Living Room, but it's still unknown if she was hung there by someone else or if she hung herself there.

3. By the time the father's image flows with blood, the forehead was shot, indicating that he died from a headshot.

4. At the Corridor, a note says "I'm sorry to god for what I have done. I love all my family so i kill all my family. It's the only thing i could do to stay with them FOREVER!" The note could either be written by the mother or the daughter, but it's more evident that it could be the daughter because of the misspellings on the note, and the corpse at the Kitchen.


The mother's face was replaced sometime in 2011-2012, from a relatively blurry, pixellated, and black-and-white image to a clearer one with red blood.

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